Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is septic pumping important?

Pumping the system proactively prevents system clogging, backups, malfunctions and sustains the quality of treated effluent for a healthier environment. It ensures optimal functioning of sprinklers without blockages and promotes the longevity of essential components such as pumps and aerator compressors.

2. How often should I have my septic system pumped?

Aerobic septic tanks should undergo cleaning every three to five years, sooner if sludge levels in the pump tank exceed 8-12 inches, or if system malfunctions occur due to clogging.  Other reasons include a heavy build up in the trash tank of (FOG) fats, oils, grease. Ask your septic provider if your system is in need of being pumped.

3. Why opt for Ledford Services for septic pumping services?

Ledford Services offers comprehensive septic pumping that includes:

  • Thorough emptying of all tank compartments, leaving no area untouched.
  • We will back-flush to eliminate sludge and residue.
  • If you get your aerobic or conventional septic system pumped make sure they do not forget to pump the trash tank, all tanks need to be pumped to get maximum benefit from the service.
  • We will dig up buried ports if needed for an additional charge.

4. What are the advantages of adding risers and lids to existing septic systems?

Enhanced convenience for maintenance tasks without the need for yard excavation. Secured lids provide safety for homeowners and their families.  Sealed risers prevent unwanted water infiltration and are certified NSF-approved for use.

5. Why should I choose Ledford Services for septic system installation

Ledford Services installs over 1,000 septic systems a year.  We offer state of the art Aeris aerobic systems as well as conventional systems and commercial systems.

6.What’s the process involved in septic system installation?

  • First give us a call and we can send you the application for your regulatory authority.
  • Once your application is filled out we will take a $500 deposit (only required if this is the first system we sold you, commercial system have different requirements) and get you in touch with your engineer to meet with you if needed and design a system to fit your needs.
  • The engineer will send over your design to be approved by you or your builder after which we apply for a permit with your regulatory authority.
  • Once the application has been processed and we have authorization to construct we will get with you to schedule the installation.
  • Upon finding a date for installation that works for you we will call 811 to locate the area so that they can mark utilities.
  • The day of installation we ask that the Home Owner or representative be there for the placement of the tank, the spray heads must go where they are permitted.  An inspector from the county or regulatory authority will sign off on the final inspection allowing use of the system after which we require full payment for the system within 15 days.

7. Determining Aerobic or Conventional tank system, which system do you have?

An Aerobic system typically features sprinklers and an aerator pumping air. Unsure? Contact Ledford Services for expert assistance.

8. My septic tank on my conventional system is rapidly refilling after recent pumping what should I do?

Normal water levels in your septic tank return promptly after pumping. Any water above the outlet line indicates an issue requiring professional attention.

9. Is my presence necessary during the pumping process?

We recommend your presence for insights into your system’s condition and maintenance suggestions, but it is not required for service.

10. What’s the earliest I can secure a scheduling slot to be pumped?

Same or next-day scheduling is available for most cases. Reach out to us, and we’ll accommodate your needs.