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Septic Installs

Our Expertise in Septic System Installation

At Ledford Services, we take immense pride in our 27-year legacy of providing top-notch septic system installation services to our valued community. Our dedication to quality, safety, and innovation has made us a trusted name in the industry. Our team of skilled professionals specializes in installing a wide range of septic systems tailored to meet your specific property and needs. Our expertise encompasses:

Aerobic Septic Systems

An aerobic septic system with spray heads offers efficient treatment of wastewater through aeration, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. These systems are suitable for properties where traditional systems may not be viable due to soil conditions. These types of systems are our primary focus, and we are one of the top installers in the state.

Aerobic Drip Systems

Aerobic drip systems combine the benefits of aerobic treatment with a drip dispersal method. This type of system is particularly effective in challenging terrains or space constraints.

Conventional Systems

Ledford Services offers conventional septic systems – from gravity-fed systems to more complex low-pressure dosing systems depending on the soil analysis. Mound systems are designed for properties with poor soil quality or inadequate space. Our proficiency in mound system installation guarantees efficient wastewater treatment and environmental sustainability.

Grinder and Sewer Pumps

At Ledford Services, we understand the critical role that lift stations play in maintaining proper sewage flow, especially in areas with challenging terrains or distant connections to central sewer systems. These pumps act as lifelines for your system – effectively transporting wastewater to higher elevations or centralized sewer connections. Our specialized pumps are engineered for reliability and efficiency, ensuring seamless operation even in demanding conditions.

The Ledford Difference

What sets Ledford Services apart is our unwavering commitment to precision and excellence. We assess each property’s unique characteristics to recommend and install the most suitable septic system. Our installations adhere to industry standards and local regulations. Our dedicated crews of certified technicians ensure that we honor warranty and non-warranty repairs for the systems we install.