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Septic System Repair

When it comes to septic system repairs, Ledford Services stands as your dependable partner, ready to restore functionality and peace of mind to your property. We can repair permitted conventional systems if they meet code. For aerobic systems, we offer specialized repair solutions to maintain their intricate components and ensure efficient wastewater treatment.

If you’re facing issues with non-functional systems, regardless of the type, we have the skill and experience to diagnose problems and implement effective solutions that restore performance. Our certified technicians are well-versed in the complexities of aerobic systems, offering comprehensive repairs that encompass control boxes, compressors, filters, and more.

In some cases, our inspection contracts might be a prerequisite for honoring warranties on specific components, emphasizing our commitment to thoroughness and the long-term success of your septic system repairs.

Additionally, our capabilities encompass permitted spray line moves and modifications to existing systems, whether conventional or aerobic. Whether you’re looking to adapt your system to changing property needs or regulatory requirements, our team can make the necessary adjustments with precision and expertise after a new design has been approved and permit obtained.